Chic Trot

Women Holiday b

Chic Trot defines the trotting trend that chic women folks are setting in their travelling patterns – both for leisure and business.  Their love to travel on their own recipe for satisfaction and excitement is increasing in galloping strides.

Women Beach Holiday a

At The Violet Grace we respond heartily to the individuality of our guests, reflecting which is the Chic Trot.   We celebrate the spirit of individuality.

Women traveller d

It is well known that 70% of travel decisions are made by women, regardless of with whom they travel, who is paying for it, and where do they want to go.  Their tastes are distinct.  As much as 75% of the travellers who opt for nature, adventure, or culture trips are women.  This 75% is a whooping number of 67 million travellers, and about 28 million of them are above 35 years of age.  It is very impressive the figure the women folks have niched out, that is: 64% of global travellers are women!.

women Traveller in Egypt

It is an encouraging thought that women are more and more confident and comfortable to travel the world on their terms than in the past years.  The constant increase in the single women travelling to new terrains is an attestation to this trend.  Looking from the other side of the line, the world is getting more used to welcoming women travellers travelling on their own.

Women Holiday g

This does not preclude the attention and care the travel organisers invest to reinforce the comfortable sentiments of lady travellers.  While a chunk, as large as 24%, travel with lady partners, an increasing numbers chose to travel solo.   39% of the women travellers are within the age group of 26 to 40 years.  The adventurous lot are average at  47 years .

Women Traveler

The single most dominating factor when women chose a holiday is beauty and tranquillity at the destination. This explains the 75% travellers to nature destinations are ladies.  Nature does not draw them just to see and enjoy, but also to get into action with nature.  Women love trekking, mountaineering, river rafting, jungle stays, etc.  Cruising is catching up fast too.

women Holiday Glee

The Violet Grace recognizes women travellers as the setting trend in the tourism industry, and responds with specialised itineraries with local assistance extended at the destinations.  As we always say, our passion is to add experience to holidays.

Women traveller Glee


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