Watching Blue Whales in Sri Lanka

SL - Blue Whale

Sri Lanka is within the International Whale Commission’s zone in the Indian Ocean. Researches have confirmed that the deep southern waters off Sri Lanka (off Dondra point in Mirissa) is the best location in the world for sighting blue and sperm whales. The other known places are Kalpitiya in Puttalam, Province and Trincomalee in the Eastern Province.

SL - Whale Watching Spots

The best months to take the chance to find the blue whale off Dondra are December – January period and April. This should not exclude the possibility of finding them in February and March months. This year has not been much different, and they were seen in good numbers a few days ago.

SL - Blue Whales

Kalpitiya in the Puttalam province in the western part of the country is not frequented by the Blue whales as they would Dondra, yet Kalpitiya does come under the visitation area of the Blue whales and spinner dolphins. Best months to watch them in action are from November to April.

SL - Blue Whale a

Not much known to the tourists, Kalpitiya remains largely untouched by the tourism industry. But those who visit are showered with some of the nicest things to see and experience. The area is occupied by close knit fishing communities, which means fresh sea food for the visitors. Also populor here are the Dutch Fort, and St Peter’s Kirk Church

SL - Dolphines


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