Monsoon Options – Frolic Waterfalls

Falls - Athirappaly Falls - Trissur Falls - Dudhsagar Falls - Goa Falls - Hogenakkal Falls - Kaveri Falls - Jog Falls - Sagara

Nature has innumerable ways of exciting human moods. Water when in movement is believed to calm our minds infusing the charms of tranquility, such of which only nature by divine design could impart. While it is part of their lives for those fortunate people who live within these premises, it is passionately calming experience for the city dwellers. The charms of frolicking waters are at it’s best when the rivers are deluged by the monsoon rains.

While some waterfalls are safe to indulge in, others are best cherished from safe distances. Camping and picnic are well worth options to experience nature to the utmost.

Athirappilly Falls, Kerala State
Referred by local community as the “Niagra of india”, the Athirappilly in Thrissur is this panoramic falls that stretches across 330 feet in width. Chalakudy River feeds the falls that is just about 80 feet high. Surrounded by dense richness of wild nature, it is a hub active wild life, well patronized by trekkers and bird watchers. These forests are home to endangered hornbill storks and a host of many other exotic birds. Athirapilly Falls come of their own when the Chalakudy river swells with monsoon rains.

Hogenaikal Falls, Tamil Nadu State
Leading to these falls, the feeder river Kaveri flows through a forest that breeds herbs with medicinal properties, collecting their medicinal values in it’s waters. It is therefore believed that immersing in these falls is a healthy experience. Apart from these medicinal immersions, the Hogenaikal Falls is patronized by coracle riders, thus claiming to offer one of the most immersive experiences than other waterfalls in India. Hogenaikal Falls is just about 150 kilometers from Bangalore.

Jog Falls, Karnataka State
Nestled within the dense Sagara forests in Karnataka, the Jog Falls is a stunning feature of nature that are created by Sharavati river by cascading in four distinct tumbles – Raja (King), Rani (Queen), Rover, and Roicket. This grand waterfalls, hurling down from a height of 829 feet, is the second highest plunge waterfalls in India forming a spectacular sight by the virtue of it’s just sheer volume of waters. The majestic nature of the falls could be felt from it’s sound that could be heard long before reaching the spot. Fierce torrents plunging off red-brown rocks of sandstone, generates thick layers of cloud and fog generating a sight that is simply magnificent. Swimming is not safe and hence is prohibited. The Jog Falls is a 340 kilometers’ drive from Bangalore along picturesque landscapes.

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa State
Monsoon enlivens the inherent beauty of Goa to it’e limits. Far from the beaches and all the other attractions, the forested hinterland of Goa literally comes alive during the monsoon. One of these is the Dudhjsagar Falls. The frothy appearance of the water when it plummets from an ear splitting height of 1,017 feet has earned it’s name Dughsagar, which translates to mean milky ocean. Forming a part of Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary, the site attracts trekkers who attempt to conquer the challenging terrain to reach the head of the Dhudhsagar Falls. This very popular off the beaten track attraction is about 60 kilometers from Panaji.


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