The Violet Grace

The Violet Grace

At The Violet Grace we understand a holiday to be a well earned get away time, that is passionately looked forward to by every single holiday maker.  Holiday achieves many intentions:  reassures crucial relationships, offers quality family time, and it helps to rejuvenate spent energies vital to lead a smarter life thereafter.  A well planned and well organised holiday can do just that.

As a boutique agency we stay close to our guests and understand their individual holiday needs to tailor make a package that is as personal as themselves.  At The Violet Grace this becomes possible with the knowledge and experience that we have aquired directly from the industry itself.  

The tourism industry has developed, through every passing year, to be more and more sophisticated in all it’s spheres.  This provides an opportunity, when understood and utilised appropriately, to have a holiday that is well worth every penny spent on it.  It is  not necessary anymore to have a generalised holiday, forcing the holiday maker to cut corners in order to fit into a less flexible package.

At The Violet Grace therefore, you could discuss your holiday in depth before you make the final buy.


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